My current career goals:

  • Remain a top-tier software architect and polyglot developer
  • Work with IoT projects and continue to improve domain knowledge
  • Work closely with data scientists and ML experts to facilitate use-cases


✔️ Software: 11 years experience

✔️ Architecture & Design: 8 years

✔️ IoT / Big Data: 4 years

✔️ Cloud / Web Services: 6 years


⭐ C#, Python, .NET, SQL, Time Series Data

⭐ IoT and Big Data Architecture

⭐ SW Design, Functional

⭐ Azure, AWS

📝 Expertise

Development C#, Python, .NET Core, ASP .NET Core, Django, LINQ, Rx, SQL for MSSQL and PostgreSQL, schema design, locks and use of isolation in distributed scenarios, database performance, versioning and more

Cloud IoT and IoT Edge architecture, Big Data architecture, Streaming Lambda/Kappa architectures, Event-driven architecture, Time Series databases, Web Services, REST, Microservices, DevOps and CI/CD

Design Domain-Driven-Design, Test-Driven-Development, Behavior-Driven-Development, Actor-based Systems, Property/Model-based Testing, API Design, REST, OpenAPI, JSON:API, Functional programming, immutability, concurrency, resilience, category theory

Technologies Docker, Azure PaaS components, AWS PaaS components, Azure IoT Hub, IoT Edge SDK, AWS IoT, Azure Stream Analytics, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Containers on Azure (ACI and AppService), Containers on AWS (ECS), Azure ARM Templates, AWS CloudFormation, Pulumi (Terraform cross-cloud), Kubernetes


☕ Intro

Architect and SW specialist with 8 years of experience developing for Azure and cloud platforms, with a focus on IoT, Web Services in back-end Enterprise IT, Security and DevOps.

Extensive experience with Azure infrastructure - this includes working with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) deployments, Azure Active Directory, Application Manifests and running applications with Kubernetes, Service Fabric, Azure Container Instances and Docker.

For the last 4 years I have worked exclusively with IoT projects, both on the Edge and cloud, which means that I have extensive experience with IoT architectures and related Big Data and Streaming architectures.

As a consultant, I aim to keep a broad base of knowledge that’s updated with the latest in software quality, agile methods, security patterns, Cloud Native, Microservices, data science and analytics, and DevOps and CI/CD. From earlier projects, I also have experience with front-end development.

💬 Work Experience

Oct 2019 — ongoing, Flowtale Platform Accelerator

Lead architect on a multi-cloud and hybrid IoT and data collection Accelerator for quickly building customized platforms.

Flowtale Data Accelerator website

  • Several successful projects completed using Accelerator and core components.
  • APIs for devices, assets, alarms and real-time data implemented with full JSON:API support.
  • Flexible data schema modelling and data ingress from devices and integrations using StreamSets Data Pipelines.
  • Full integration of Azure IoTHub for IoT Edge devices and Azure Function integrations for third-party cloud APIs.
  • AWS IoT integration and just-in-time device provisioning with certificates.
  • Stream analytics processing with Pulsar as persistency layer and Presto as querying engine.
  • Full infrastructure as code continuous integration deployment and integrity checks with Pulumi, containerized as a single deployment image for full repeatability.
  • Technologies used: Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, REST, JSON:API, Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, TimescaleDB, Django, Python, Typescript, StreamSets Data Pipelines, RabbitMQ, Docker, Pulumi

Sep 2019 — August 2020, Major Telco Provider

Architecture and roadmap for upcoming IoT Platform.

  • Architecture for IoT platform, big data cloud strategy and device procurement roadmap.
  • Supported analysis for the choice of direction within the IoT space and use-cases analysis for running analytics on a variety of devices and sensor types.
  • Lead a small development team to create data ingress and processing layer PoCs for specific types of devices via Azure IoT Hub, and exposing the data visualizations to end-users with Plotly’s Dash web visualization backend.
  • Technologies used: Azure IoT Hub, REST, TimescaleDB, React, Django, Plotly Dash, Python

July 2019 — Sep 2019, Glaze IoT Platform

Design and implementation of an Azure-based multi-tenant IoT platform.

  • Facilitated workshops with clients to determine architecturally significant requirements and decide a scope for MVP.
  • Designed and implemented API for devices, asset management, alarms, real-time data and GraphQL support on top of a SQL database using Entity Framework Core.
  • Implemented React components for signal selection and graphs for showing real-time streaming data from Azure IoT Hub.
  • Implemented PoC for data integration with the Waylay Engine for rules and advanced analytics.
  • Implemented bi-directional communication with Sigfox devices from the Azure cloud.
  • Technologies used: Azure IoT Hub, Azure Time Series Insights (2019-preview), REST, OpenAPI 3.0, JSON Patch, GraphQL, dotNetify-React, React Hooks, react-vis, ASP .NET Core 3, Entity Framework Core, C#, Sigfox Backend,

June 2019 — July 2019, US-based IoT Analytics Provider

Azure IoT Cloud development for an Analytics Platform.

  • Establish architecture for using Device Provisioning Service to enroll devices with X.509/TPM based authentication.
  • Setup automated deployments of modules to IoT Edge devices through Azure IoT Hub.
  • Implemented a Web Service to continously check the license compliance of modules installed in IoT Edge devices.
  • Technologies used: Azure IoT Hub, Azure Device Provisioning Service, Azure IoT Edge, ASP .NET Core, Hangfire, C#, Azure Container Instances, Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Docker

Nov 2018 — Sep 2019, IoT Modular Components

Creating IoT modular components in parallel to projects for clients.

  • Implemented a general data collection component in .NET that is able to dynamically group and process signals according to user-defined rules, using Microsoft Trill.
  • Ingressing data via Azure IoT Hub and landing in a highly optimized time-series database, using continuous aggregation to achieve sub-100ms query performance for any range and amount of data.
  • Deployment to Kubernetes as a cloud component and as an Edge module on Azure IoT Edge.
  • Technologies used: Azure IoT Hub, ASP .NET Core, C#, Microsoft Trill, Azure IoT Edge SDK, Grafana, C# Rx, Azure Kubernetes Service, Docker, TDD, FsCheck

Mar 2019 — June 2019, Danish Dairy Company

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Tier 2 Cloud Architecture.

  • Establishing a target architecture in Azure for an Industrial IoT cloud with the company’s Enterprise Architects.
  • Defining ETL, Data Management and Data Modelling for Tier 1 and SAP data to be co-located in an Azure Data Lake.
  • Implementing a PoC for large scale time-series data storage with TimescaleDB.
  • Technologies used: Azure IoT Hub, TimescaleDB, Azure Time Series Insights, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Azure Data Lake

Sep 2018 — Mar 2019, E.ON Energy

Analytics and Monitoring on an existing Azure IoT Platform.

  • Implementing analysis of data moving through EventHubs in Azure Databricks to achieve insight into IoT device behaviour and to fix issues in the Service Fabric cloud implementation.
  • Created a full end-to-end monitoring solution of the Azure IoT Hub and Service Fabric cluster with Azure Monitoring and Operations Management Suite.
  • The product is a long running Azure IoT Platform that collects energy-usage data from 6.000 consumer devices.
  • Technologies used: Azure IoT Hub, Azure Service Fabric, Service Fabric Actors, C#, Log Analytics, Azure Databricks, Python, R, Azure OMS, Azure Monitoring

Mar 2018 — Sep 2018, Global Plant Production Company

Advisor and architecture consultant on a global scale Azure Industrial IoT Platform.

  • Defining the company’s Industrial IoT Platform capabilities at an overall level.
  • Responsible for specifying the requirements for the Cloud implementation at a technical level.
  • The product is an Azure IIoT Platform to monitor 100’s of sites around the world.
  • Technologies used: Azure IoT Hub, Azure DevOps CI/CD, Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Microsoft Secure Development Guidelines

Jan 2018 — Nov 2018, SonoSteam (under Force Technology)

Architect and lead developer for an Azure IoT Management Platform in .NET.

  • Implementing an Industrial IoT solution based on Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, that collects data from +20 sensors per second for each device via a Schneider PLC to the cloud.
  • Extending the Azure IoT Suite front-end solution to support multi-tenancy and be the point of entry for administration and device overview.
  • Technologies used: Azure IoT Hub, Azure DevOps CI/CD, C#, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure CosmosDB, ASP .NET, Web Services, Azure Resource Manager (ARM), D3.js, Javascript

Jan 2018 — Sep 2019, Urban Water

Architect and lead developer for an IBM Cloud IoT Management Platform.

  • Updating and maintaining an IoT solution running on IBM Cloud that receives data from multiple backwater valves and presents them in an administration interface.
  • Implementing control flow of the system that is equipped with a control unit to keeps the household informed when the water level changes.
  • Supporting a smartphone app that has been developed so end-customers can monitor their installation.
  • Technologies used: Cloudfoundry, Web Services, Python, Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps

Aug 2016 — Dec 2017, Coop

Lead of a small development team for Web Services with focus on REST and Azure in .NET.

  • Implementing an ASP .NET framework solution for the client’s back-end REST services, able to drive an API platform for multi-channel marketing to customers.
  • Responsible for estimating, designing and leading the implementation of two highly complex REST services on SQL datastores in a high load-spiking environment.
  • Advisory role for the system architecture in collaboration with Enterprise Architects and supported the client’s Azure API-Management setup.
  • Technologies used: C#, ASP .NET, REST, OAuth, Specflow, MSSQL, Entity Framework, TDD

Mar 2016 — Aug 2016, Oticon & William Demant Group

Web Development, DevOps, .NET and front-end.

  • Implementing a CI/CD front-end development workflow and build system for the company’s Sitecore CMS solutions.
  • Used Node.js and the latest technologies for front-end development to create a setup that was flexible enough for the company to continue evolving many global marketing sites.
  • Technologies used: Node.js, Gulp, Webpack, Sitecore, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

May 2015 — Feb 2016, Falck Denmark

Web and E-Commerce, ASP .NET and front-end.

  • As part of an 8-person agile team, implemented ASP .NET EpiServer CMS back-end for customer-facing websites.
  • Implemented e-commerce flows and PIM catalogue and content search using custom written ElasticSearch queries.
  • Some Scrum Master and team management responsibilities.
  • Technologies used: C#, ASP .NET, ElasticSearch, EpiServer, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JSON-LD

Jan 2013 — Feb 2015, Nordic Insurance Software

Enterprise Platform Software development.

  • Part of a 12-person team using C# and .NET technologies to develop market leading call-center and policy management software for the Travel Insurance industry.
  • Implemented many new features related to claims handling, reimbursement, policy deductibles and credit card fraud detection.
  • Unit-testing financial flows and implemented build process improvements.
  • Technologies used: C#, VB, ASP .NET, MSSQL

2011 — Jan 2013, Toolpack Solutions

Business Intelligence development.

  • Application coding in .NET for BI solutions for financial reporting purposes, and was responsible for creating both requirements and system architecture of new development projects.
  • Most of the development was with C# WPF and SQL on file-system datastores.
  • Technologies used: C# WPF, MSSQL, Excel

2008 — 2009, Øresund Bridge

Studying Computer Science and working a period for Accit Aps, a small consultancy company with expertise in MS Access and Windows applications.

  • Implemented an incident and fault handling application for Øresundsbroen in .NET 4, including specifying the system architecture and implementing the backing SQL datastore.
  • Technologies used: C#, VB, MSSQL

🏢 Work places

Place of work / title Years
Lead IoT Architect
2019 - Now
IoT Advisor
2018 - 2019
Consultant / Enterprise IT / Web and Mobile
2016 - 2018
Capgemini Sogeti
Consultant / Website Solutions
2015 - 2016
Nordic Insurance Software
Software Developer / Enterprise SW
2013 - 2015
Toolpack Business Intelligence
Software Developer
2011 - 2013

📚 Education

Bachelor Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

Finished 2010, after taking an extra year of Master classes. Topics covered were compiler and language design, functional programming, concurrency, data structures and algorithms. Bachelor project was about simulation and analysis of scheduling strategies for a specific protein-unfolding algorithm on the PlayStation 3 multi-processor, for which I am proud to have received the grade A.

🔨 Programming

Python, C#, SQL and Javascript are my commonly used languages, aside from that I have experience with (in no particular order): Databricks/Spark, HiveQL, R, ASAQL for Stream Analytics, F#, Node.js, Clojure, Haskell, Elm, Go, Elixir and of course Java

💼 Consulting

Experienced in defining requirements in collaboration with business domain experts, Enterprise Architects and stakeholders.

Very experienced in documenting technical solution details, architecture and operational information.

📱 Frontend

Experienced with HTML5, CSS3, various layout frameworks, less, sass, post-css, jQuery, Angular, React (this website and more), Vue, D3.js graphs, react-vis graphs, React Hooks, reactn, dotNetify and other websocket channel libraries.

👓 Personal

  • Detail oriented, analytical
  • Pragmatic and results driven
  • Focus on clear communication and knowledge sharing